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Hike and cycle to explore Japan

Japan is a dynamic, modern country within an ancient land steeped in tradition.

Plus Japan features some of the most spectacular and diverse environment - all easily accessible from major transport hubs.

Hiking and cycling are the ideal way to experience the complexity and contradictions of Japan first-hand.

Download a sample itinerary.


The itinerary

Stage 1:  Arrive into Tokyo and hike to explore Mount Fuji and the surrounding lakes

Stage 2:  Hike the Southern Alps mountain range and follow a ridge route that runs from Mt. Kita, Japan's second-highest mountain, to Mt. Kai-Komaga,

Stage 3:  Cycling around Kyoto’s secret bike trails is the best way to explore this region rich in cultural heritage.

If you'd like to design an expedition to Japan for your group then let's start planning it together - Get in touch!

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