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Outdoor and Natural Movement Fitness Training Camp- Halls Gap

Lacking motivation in the gym? Why not take your workout outside.

The Grampians National Park is home to some absolutely stunning flora and fauna; with steep sandstone mountain ranges setting the backdrop for an ideal workout environment. Our half and full day intense training sessions utilise this exciting location, allowing you to both explore nature and push your body to its limits. Our training camps are also run by a CrossFit qualified coach, so you can have full confidence in their abilitiy and knowledge.Our half day session is a jam packed 3.5 hour workout, which will involve 4 WOD’s (workout of the day), interspersed with bike riding and kayaking out on Lake Bellfield. While our full day option is best described as a physically demanding, two part race. With partners battling it out for almost 6 hours in total, there is no time for pain and only room to gain. Again, dotted amongst the 4 main WOD’s there will be kayaking, mountain bike riding and also running; ensuring all parts of the body are thoroughly worked. Not only is this a physical day in nature, but also an invigorating time for your mind. Allowing you freedom and space to reset your thoughts and refresh your outlook and approach to life.

Remember whatever your fitness level, group size, or interests, we can tailor a Halls Gap training camp for you.

 If you'd like to design another active adventure in Halls Gap then let's start planning it together - Get in touch!

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