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Altitude training in St Moritz

Located high in the Swiss Alps, the training facilities at St Moritz were first developed to assist the Swiss Olympic team prepare for the 1968 games in Mexico City.

Since then, the facilities have continued to develop to bring together the latest in sports science technology and techniques with the dry Alpine climate, an annual average of 322 days of sunshine, and the proven benefits of training at an altitude of 1,856m.
The Swiss Olympic team still use this facility as its training base, but now athletes of all sports, skill and fitness level can also benefit from this unique facility.

Download a sample itinerary.


We will work with you to understand your objectives and your requirements, designing an itinerary that delivers the outcomes required as well as a memorable journey for your team.

To benefit from an altitude training program of this quality, we recommend that you consider an itinerary ranging between 5-14 days.


If you'd like to get your team into shape with some altitude training in St Mortiz then let's start planning it together - Get in touch!

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