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Let's go running - in Japan!

Japan continues to produce some of the best runners in the world, and it's easy to see why - it really is a bit of a national obsession.

Wherever you are in Japan, there will be people of all ages (and speeds) out running.

We love the trail running opportunities that Japan has to offer.  The hills, forests, and pilgrim trails of this fascinating country provide a wealth of unique running trails whatever your goals or fitness levels.

To be able to run these trails while breathing in the clean air around Mount Fuji or immersing yourself in the hills around Kyoto is a truly unforgettable experience and something that all serious runners should be able to be part of.

Check out some of our favourite runs here:

Download a sample itinerary for Hakone here.

Download a sample itinerary for Nara here.

Download a sample itinerary for Kyoto here.


Interested in organising a running trip for your group?  Get in touch! and let's start planning your expedition together.


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