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Have a read through our Testimonials written by some of our past clients about our leaders and guides!


"Chiko was approachable, knowledgable and well organized, with a  sound understanding of both the Japanese culture, and that of the tour group members. She made herself available to advise/accompany group members for meals and organized and accompanied a trip to Mt  Fuji on a 'free day', which was much appreciated by group members. She also provided advice for activities in free time, and assisted members of the group with lost luggage and property in a very obliging manner. Chiko was an excellent group leader who enhanced our trip experience."
Meredith Aust, Oct 2014

"Tatsuya is friendly; happy; helpful and approachable. Nothing was too much trouble for him.  He communicated well; helped us in our free time (and giving up his own time); and organised everything. He always bought us little snacks for the train journeys. He is one of the best leaders I've ever had on a tour."

Monica Aust, Oct 2014

"Alena is a great tour leader with excellent knowledge and experience of Japan. She is easily approachable and offers very good advice on things to see and do and communicates very well both on an individual level and to the group as a whole."

Phil USA, Nov 2014

"Excellent knowledge regarding all aspects of the trip.  Yuri had a genuine interest in the members of the group in terms of their objectives.  She made us feel like she was on holidays with us."

Robert Aust, Nov 2014

"Kaori was a perfect tour guide, friendly, informative, went out of her way to help in any way.  Showed passion for her job and her country and culture.  Kaori obviously did all her homework - she did not fault in any way.  When I return to Japan, hopefully in the near future, I would "request" having Kaori again - she actually "made our holiday" perfect - thank you to Kaori for being so kind, thoughtful and generous - keep up the excellent work Kaori - kind regards Trish McLaughlin (the dozo/domo lady…)"

Patricia UK, Oct 2014

"Loved this trip, we had a group that got on well with good dynamics, and a super leader Akemi who kept us on the go.  I particularly liked  the included trips that covered a variety of experiences.  We managed to  cram a whole heap of stuff into a small time, yet didn't feel too rushed."

Vivienne NZ, Dec 2014

"Hiro went above and beyond at all times. He would lead us on the "optional" tours, rather than just hand us a map and say "go".  Sometimes he even went a bit too far (carrying oversized lugge - which group members should not have had) - up the stairs...  he was always pleasant and upbeat. not sure how he did it for 14 days.  Hiro is the reason we loved the trip so much. He was a really wonderful leader."

Geraldine UK, Sept 2014

"Mayuko was a fine tour leader - met my expectations. Very helpful with activities for free time. She was absolutely wonderful and went out of her way to help us plan our extra time. She really went above and beyond to make sure out group had the best possible experience and that everything ran smoothly. I particularly appreciated the effort she went to choose restaurants where we could sample many different types of Japanese food. I felt encouraged to try new things."

Dao, Dec 2014













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