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Have a read through our Testimonials written by some of our past and present leaders and guides!

"Being a Tour Leader is a very satisfying and rewarding job as I know that I am giving some of my client's the best experiences they have ever had. I also get to meet all kinds of people and by getting to know them I am broadening my views on the world whilst visiting some of the most beautiful places of Japan whilst enjoying local delicious food.

I feel like I am using my whole body, mind, heart and spirit in one of the most rewarding jobs I could wish for."

Chiko - Japan Long Haul Trip Leader

"The best part of this job for me is that I get to meet lots of people and the various cultures behind them. Through their eyes, my own country sometimes looks different from what I see with my eyes and I find a lot more great sides not only of Japan but also the world. Exploration and discovery never ends!

I love seeing people get excited when they are connected to local people whom they would not meet without us leaders, and also when I introduce our daily and normal experiences (to us Japanese) these are the small things that the independent traveller would not find.
I love connecting people and people, and people and culture. This perfect job makes use of every single experience I have had in my whole life.

Mayuko - Japan Long Haul Trip Leader

"I can't stop being a tour leader as the job has everything I love! 'Showing off' my beautiful country, piling up my knowledge more and more about Japan to share with my group and make new friends from all over the world through tours! The job is rewarding and challenging and I'm so happy when my group has great experiences through my guiding. Their thanks make me happier. I love to feel the seasons and the air and walking/hiking under the sky! It excites my senses! 

Here are the reasons why I love my job...

Making new friends: During the long haul tours, I often develop friendships with my group members, some become really good friends who I maintain the friendship and talk to sometimes through Facebook and emails. I have visited some of them and had great experiences with them in their own countries. 

Learning more about my country: To talk about Japan to my group I have to get knowledge widely about Japan in any field. It is challenging and one of the hardest things to do as a Leader, however it's interesting to learn about my country more and more and share my knowledge with the groups I lead. 

Showing off my country: The more often I travel Japan, the more I find in it's beauty. How beautiful my country really is! Why not show off my country to international visitors! 

Rewarding job: How happy the leading job is! When I am told things like "You made my holiday memorable" or something like that I am super happy and proud. To make people happy, makes me happy!"

Akemi - Japan Long Haul Trip Leader

"I have worked as a tour leader in Japan since 2007, I not only love to show my country to people from all over the world and become a bridge between tourists and locals, but also love the discovery or re-discovery of myself and my country through the eyes of tourists.

Honestly, it is a stressful job, but once I overcome all situations, it makes me feel even happier. No fear, no stress, all staffs, senior leader, manager, and even locals will help me as we have a good team, "Japan" has never made me feel lonely. The longer I work as a leader, the happier this makes my life and gives me a good life balance. After a little while I realized that I am not a "Leader", but a "Leaner" of my life and all tourists, locals, nature, history, and culture were my teachers."

What a great job I have :)

Tatsuya – Japan Long Haul Trip Leader








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